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We’ve compiled some of the questions people most often want to know about Cromwell Creative District below. If there’s something we’ve missed, let us know and we’ll answer it in full just as soon as we possibly can.

Is Cromwell Creative District (CCD) the same as Cromwell Arts Alliance (CAA)?

The simple answer is no.

CAA encompasses all of Cromwell and focuses on arts enrichment throughout all Cromwell. CCD is a specific geographic area using creativity as an economic driver for the specific area of lower Main Street and the riverfront area.

Do people have to live in the district in order to join CCD?

ccd triangle.png
ccd triangle.png

No, anyone is welcome to join CCD.

Do people have to be in business in order to join?

ccd triangle.png

No, while we welcome business owners, all are invited to participate.

Do people have to be creative in order to join?

ccd triangle.png

No, we welcome everyone, even those who do not believe they are creative.

Creative Districts were first instituted by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

Historically, we know that when artists populate an area, sooner or later, those

locations thrive. The NEA offers grants specifically for Creative Districts.

Do people have to live in Cromwell in order to join?

ccd triangle.png

No, we are delighted with all who have interest in improving the district, near and far.

How do I join?

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Come to a meeting and check us out. Fill out the contact form. Call, email, or mail.

Is there a membership fee?

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Not at this point.

Does this take the place of the former Merchants Association?

ccd triangle.png

Not exactly. However, we hope it will help businesses #inthedistrict.

Why is CCD restricted in its geography?

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NEA specifically designates blighted urban areas and forgotten Main Streets

in rural towns as potential grant recipients.

Who can donate?

ccd triangle.png

Anyone can donate.

Are donations tax deductible?

ccd triangle.png


How are donations used?

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As a nonprofit, we keep very careful records, and donations are used for materials

supporting events and programs as well as publicity supplies. All labor is volunteer unless
covered by grant funding.

Who can volunteer?

ccd triangle.png

Volunteers can be for specific projects or are welcome to become members of CCD.

Why should people volunteer?

ccd triangle.png

We want to see our historic Main Street come alive, and we want our amazing

waterfront to be a source of enjoyment for everyone. We hope to bring back the

Riverport Festival.

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